What to do if an incident occurs whilst travelling

Natural disaster? Emergency medical situation? Lost luggage? If an unexpected travel mishap occurs while you are on holiday, you can count on Cover-More to help you solve the problem.

We want to pay your claims as soon as possible, but we need a little help from you. You must follow the guidelines in your policy documents so we can make our claims process as simple and quick as possible. In particular:

  • Read through your policy conditions to find out the necessary documents you need to make a claim
  • Report any lost or stolen property to the police or transport provider and obtain a written report
  • Dial the emergency assistance number as quickly as you can if you, or an insured loved one are admitted to the hospital or if you expect your medical expenses to exceed $1,000.

We appreciate your help in making the claims process that much easier.

How to make a travel insurance claim

If you want to lodge a claim on your Cover-More travel insurance policy, simply follow our easy step-by-step claims instructions:

  • Download and complete a claim form or rental vehicle claim form.
  • Add your supporting documentation. Your policy documents and the claim form will list out the supporting documentation necessary.
  • Make a copy of all the materials needed to make a claim. We get the originals, so you should keep a copy for yourself.
  • Send it all in. To help ensure a smooth process, you can send the necessary supporting documents as part of your online claim submission or posting them to our office.

Lodge a Claim

Lodging feedback

Cover-More works hard to handle each and every claim as thorough, professional and efficiently as possible. If you feel how we handled your claim was not up these standards, we would appreciate your feedback. Please use our guide to lodge a complaint.

Stay up to date

Current events around the globe

Certain events, like natural disasters or strikes may affect your travel. Take a look at our World Event Claims Advice page for claims advice and updates on current world events that could disrupt your travel plans. If you were hoping to visit a region that is mentioned in our claims advice section, or if you happen to already be there, please read all of the relevant documentation to learn how this could influence your travel plans and travel insurance policy.

Safe Travel

Safe Travel, is the best website to check for information about what regions of the world are safe to travel to. Safe Travel is the travel advice website of the Government of New Zealand and has plenty of tips to help you avoid dangerous situation during your trips. Check out our Travel claims advice page for more useful tips for a safe and enjoyable journey.